Training Services

Training Program Design and Consulting Services

APS assists clients with the analysis, design and evaluation of training programs. We tailor our services and approach to fit each situation, with the goal of creating a program that adds value to your organization. Our training programs target the gap between current knowledge or performance and desired knowledge or performance. Whether working with an existing program or designing a new program, our training consulting services identify the gap and recommend programs that will close it.

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Structured On-the-Job-Training (SOJT) Programs

Our experienced training specialists can assist your organization in all phases of creation and execution of a structured OJT program that is custom-tailored for your processes. For some of our clients, we provide complete OJT program development services including job task analysis (JTA) and development of the OJT roadmap, lesson guides, job performance measures (JPMs), and the supporting job training reference materials. APS’ flexible approach allows clients to collaborate with APS to develop the program or outsource the entire effort to APS. APS suggests the collaborative approach to foster ownership by the client’s trainers.

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Training Needs Assessment

A training needs assessment will determine the appropriate levels and methods of training for specific jobs. Training assessments are frequently performed when job conditions change such as when new technologies or work rules are introduced to the work place. Broader training assessments can also be performed on the corporate approach to training and its effectiveness.

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Job and Task Analysis

An APS job and task analysis (JTA) is an important component of the instructional systems design (ISD)approach to training. Since the ultimate purpose of a systematic approach to training design is to produce a properly trained person, the training designer must understand a job and its contents in considerable detail to design, develop and carry out effective training. Also, a thorough JTA is a required component of pay for skills or pay for performance rewards system.

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Maintenance Apprenticeship Training Programs

The mission of the maintenance apprenticeship training program is to fill gaps in the skills and knowledge of entry level and new hire maintenance technicians. This may include electrical, mechanical, and maintenance technicians. 

APS will work with training and maintenance personnel to assess the training needs of the maintenance workforce and design programs based on the specific job performance needs of the maintenance department.

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Packaging Equipment Training

Since 1994, our experienced staff has specialized in the development of high quality operations and  maintenance training programs for all types of packaging equipment – custom-tailored to the specific needs our clients.

Our training materials and procedures are graphically-oriented with the level of detail targeted to your workforce. Our reputation within the industry is for creating training materials that people actually use. We create training programs and training materials that get results!

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On-site Training Courses

8D Problem Solving Process Tools Training

5S Workplace Organization Training

Statistical Process Control (SPC) for Operators

Writing Effective Procedures Workshop

Train-the-Trainer Workshop

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