New Plant and New Line Startup Support

APS provides technical services for new plant startups, new manufacturing and process lines and line modernizations.

APS professionals have extensive, hands-on experience with the check-out, startup testing, and commissioning of new manufacturing and process equipment. 

APS can provide a team of technical specialists on-site to work with general contractors, OEMs, design engineers, and plant operations and maintenance personnel to ensure a smooth transition from installation to operation.  Typically, APS specialists work as a part of the client’s project team to augment the team’s capabilities and to allow plant personnel to focus on their other production and maintenance responsibilities. 

Services provided include:

  • Organize OEM documentation for future maintenance and training activities

  • Develop operating procedures (SOPs and WIs) for new equipment and processes

  • Design and develop process-specific training programs

  • Develop preventive maintenance (PM) documentation for new equipment

  • Develop lubrication procedures and schedule tables

  • Train operations and maintenance personnel

  • Develop and validate Lock-Out and Tag-Out (LOTO) procedures

  • Develop equipment-specific visual job aids for operations and maintenance

  • Review and validate OEM spare parts lists

  • Develop equipment-specific testing and acceptance procedures

  • Assist with checkout and calibration of process instrumentation

  • Assist in verifying PLC control system sensors and logic functions

  • Assist in verifying safety interlocks

  • Assist with GMP process validation protocol

  • Assist with regulatory compliance (OSHA, FDA, USDA, etc.)

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