Training Program Design and Consulting Services

APS assists clients with the analysis, design and evaluation of training programs. We tailor our services and approach to fit each situation, with the goal of creating a program that adds value to your organization. Our training programs target the gap between current knowledge or performance and desired knowledge or performance. Whether working with an existing program or designing a new program, our training consulting services identify the gap and recommend programs that will close it.

APS has supported customers with all phases of the ISD model. We have provided complete turnkey support and worked as members of an integrated customer/APS team. Some examples include:

  • Performed a job & task analysis (JTA) for three maintenance positions. We used the results to develop a pay for skills compensation system that has been implemented at six plants.

  • Developed an electrical self-assessment survey that was used to place electricians in a new electrical maintenance training program covering PLCs and other new technology.

  • Performed a JTA for over 20 packaging plant operating positions. The results were used to develop standard operating procedures (SOPs), self-assessment surveys, and qualification checklists.

  • Designed a structured OJT training process and helped implement the process at multiple facilities while working as a member of a client team.

  • Evaluated the effectiveness of training at a large multi-site corporation. The recommendations were the basis for restructuring and reallocating training resources.

  • Analyzed, designed and implemented surveys to assess the training needs of scientists and engineers moving into the role of supervisor. The survey was administered over the client’s company Intranet.

  • Using JTA results, reviewed the “off-the-shelf” CBT programs available from over a dozen suppliers, visited supplier sites, and designed a CBT curriculum that was implemented at multiple client sites.

We know there are many training companies from which you may choose. We believe that APS stands at the top of the field. For more information on our training program design services and how we can help your organization, please send us an email at or call us at 610-987-4050. 

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