Job and Task Analysis (JTA)

APS conducts a job and task analysis as an important component of the analysis phase of the instructional system design (ISD) process.

An APS job and task analysis (JTA) is an important component of the instructional systems design (ISD) approach to training. Since the ultimate purpose of a systematic approach to training design is to produce a properly trained person, the training designer must understand a job and its contents in considerable detail to design, develop and carry out effective training. Also, a thorough JTA is a required component of pay for skills or pay for performance rewards system.

Some of the things you should find out about a job in order to develop adequate training are listed below:

  • What kinds of people will be doing this job? How many will be doing the job? Where will they be located?

  • What major duties does the job include?

  • What tasks make up the job?

  • Exactly how is each task accomplished? What work elements make up the task? In what order must these be performed?

  • Under what conditions must each task be performed? What tools, equipment, or other facilities are required to perform each task?

  • What skills and knowledge is required to perform each task?

  • To what standard of proficiency must each task be performed?

A job and task analysis is the foundation for all sound training programs. If this step is not done and done well, there will be no factual basis for development of effective, efficient instruction. Some of the results of a job and task analysis are:

  • A validated list of tasks that make up the particular job being analyzed

  • Conditions under which each task must be performed, cues that initiate performance of the task, and standards to which each task must be performed

  • Details of how each task is performed; that is, a listing of the work elements that make up each task

  • The knowledge and skills required to perform the task

The resulting data forms the basis for decision-making in the design phase. Knowledge data become learning objectives in courses and the validated list of tasks and the elements that make up each task form the basis for structured on-the-job training.

APS can assist your organization in performing a job and task analysis. For more information, email us at or call Greg Pancerev at 610-987-4054

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