More about the APS 2-day 8D Problem Solving Workshop

Since 1994, APS has conducted this training workshop for thousands of participants at numerous locations worldwide. Here is what a few of our participants have had to say about our 2-day 8D Problem Solving Process Tools Workshop:

 “The training was on-target for what I needed. I feel I’m ready to lead the next problem solving effort.”

“The instructor really knows his stuff. He provided lots of practical examples of how the 8D process and the individual tools are applied.”

“Other problem solving classes taught pie-in-the-sky concepts that did not apply to the real-world. This class was all about tools that we can use here.”

“The practical exercises turned what is usually a pretty boring topic into something fun and kept the class engaged for the whole 2 days.”

“I wish I had this training 10 years ago when I started here”

“With over 30 years of experience in QA and Engineering, I was initially pretty skeptical that I would learn anything new from this class. I was wrong. I picked up a lot of new ideas for problem solving that I intend to implement right away.”

“This was my first exposure to problem solving, but I feel like I’m ready to run.”

“This is the fourth problem solving class I have attended and by far the best!”

“By far the best training class I’ve had since I’ve been here”

“Reviewing real examples from our company was a big plus”

“In choosing a vender to deliver 8D training to our company locations nationwide, we interviewed several and test-piloted a few. Greg was, by far, the best instructor and the APS program was the best fit for our needs.”  For a free quote or for more information on this course, email us at [email protected] or call us at 610-987-4050.

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