Interactive Troubleshooting Guides

APS develops interactive troubleshooting guides that improve equipment availability by providing a logical path to trouble diagnosis and correction.

APS specialists create Interactive Troubleshooting Guides that lead equipment operators and maintenance technicians down a logical, symptom-based path to trouble or failure diagnosis. Each equipment-specific guide walks the user through a logical troubleshooting process beginning with simple and frequently occurring problems and progressing to more complex tasks, provided in an easy to follow, visual format. Flow charts with touch screen controls, photos, drawings, and step-by-step instructions are included as necessary.These guides run as HTML web pages that display on the HMI computer screen at the equipment or workstation or may also be used on a tablet computer available to operators, technicians, and supervisors.

The end result is that operators are able to identify and correct many problems without having to call for a maintenance technician. 

The guides can also provide guidance on when a technician should be called, then provide further instructions for both mechanical and electrical technicians to continue troubleshooting. 

Sample Interactive Troubleshooting Guide

Click to view a sample Interactive Troubleshooting Guide

In today’s manufacturing environment we are routinely asked to do more with less. Many times equipment and machine operators are asked to operate multiple machines or to fill-in operating a machine for an absent co-worker. In addition, maintenance technicians may be unfamiliar with the most efficient troubleshooting techniques. When machines stop due to unexpected problems or encounter an unexpected situation, troubleshooting skills are required.

As we all know, troubleshooting requires a higher level understanding of the machine components and functions than routine operation. Effective and timely troubleshooting means the difference between a minor stoppage and a major disruption in operations and a reduction in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

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