Aseptic Food Processing and Packaging

Project Summary

Our Client:

Worldwide producer and distributor of baby food and related food products

The Project:

Installation of $100M+ new aseptic food production and packaging lines and associated utility systems and support equipment

APS’ Mission:

During construction and startup over a period of 16 months, prepare over 150 operations and maintenance personnel and area supervisors to safely and effectively operate and maintain a complex new aseptic food production and packaging facility

The Challenges:

No documentation or procedures existed to form a basis for training development.  No clear definition of operators’ roles and equipment responsibilities.  Low level of trainee experience relative to the operation of the new processes and equipment.  Multiple and non-coordinated sources for equipment-specific technical information retrieval from equipment manufacturers.  Client-accelerated deadline for commencement of line production. 

APS’ Approach:

APS formed a project team of experienced industrial operations and maintenance training specialists.  The team worked with the client, the principal architect-engineering firm, and the equipment manufacturers throughout construction to obtain the technical information necessary to design and develop training materials and procedures.  APS’ training specialists researched each piece of equipment and the anticipated operator tasks and responsibilities, and designed a task-based training program to equip operators and technicians with the required knowledge and skills.

APS designed and developed training materials and technical documentation for the following:

  • Utility systems (air, water, steam, nitrogen, etc.)

  • Raw materials proprietary aseptic processing

  • Food batch processing kitchens

  • Aseptic food processing kitchens

  • Aseptic packaging lines (form, fill & seal)

For each of the above areas, APS developed the following documentation:

  • Operations training manuals & instruction materials

  • Maintenance training manuals

  • Standard operating procedures

  • Preventive maintenance procedures

  • Lockout-tagout procedures

  • Job performance aids

  • Job qualification checklists

APS also delivered classroom and hands-on training and assisted the client with operator qualification assessments in each process area.

The Results:

APS completed the development of all training and operations documentation on time and under budget.  All classroom and on-the-job training was conducted just-in-time to support startup and initial operations.  The lines started up and reached target productivity ahead of schedule.  APS continues to assist the client with emerging training and technical issues.

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