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Statistical Process Control (SPC) for Operators

Course Length: 8 hours (typical)

This course offers applications of the SPC techniques that are an integral part of the corporate-wide quality control effort. Participants are introduced to the concept of variation and how it can be used as a powerful tool in quality control activities.  

The course also provides practical learning of measuring systems for accuracy, reproducibility, repeatability, and when SPC is appropriate. Types of control charts include Xbar-R, X-moving R, P, C, nP, and U charts.  The Shewhart analysis is presented via examples and understanding of the statistical significance of each out-of-control condition.  

Participants will work in teams in hands-on practical exercises that demonstrate the relationship between sigma levels, Cp, and Cpk values.

Typical Course Outline:

  • Improving Quality

    • Meeting customer needs

    • What is variation?

    • Control strategies

    • In specification vs. on target

  • The Histogram

    • Measure the variation of a process

    • Mean, median, range, and standard deviation

    • The normal distribution (bell curve)

    • Interpreting patterns of variation in a histogram

  • The Control Chart

    • Introduction to control charts

    • Understanding control limits

    • Control limits vs. spec limits

    • Variable control charts

      • X bar R

      • X bar S

      • Median and R

      • X and MR

      • Cusum charts

    • Attribute control charts

    • Interpreting control charts

      • Normal variation

      • Special cause vs. common cause

      • Definition of control

      • What is out of control?

      • Out of control conditions when to react

  • Process Capability

    • Why study Capability?

    • Specifications

    • Measurement systems

    • Definition of capability

    • Measuring capability

      • Sigma

      • Cp

      • Cpk

      • Cp and PPM rate

    • Summary and Wrap-up

All APS courses are on-site workshops conducted our clients' facilities. The course content may be customized to fit your specific needs. For a free quote or for more information on this course, email us at info@aps-online.net or call Greg Pancerev at 610-987-4054.



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