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Training Needs Assessment

APS performs assessments of job performer training needs and the effectiveness of current training practices. 

A training needs assessment will determine the appropriate levels and methods of training for specific jobs. Training assessments are frequently performed when job conditions change such as when new technologies or work rules are introduced to the work place. Broader training assessments can also be performed on the corporate approach to training and its effectiveness.

An APS assessment of a company's training typically includes:

  • Current training mission and practices

  • Success of current training

  • Gaps in performance

  • Anticipated business growth or reduction

  • Employee turnover effects

  • New technologies in the workplace

  • Area hiring demographics

  • Area training resources

  • Internal training resources

  • Corporate culture and goals

Outcomes that can be expected from an APS training needs assessment include:

APS can help you improve your training effectiveness by conducting a training needs assessment as well as designing and developing any training programs and training materials identified by the assessment. For more information, email us at info@aps-online.net or call Greg Pancerev at 610-987-4054.

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