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Preventive Maintenance (PM) Procedure Development

APS creates equipment-specific PM procedures to improve the reliability and life expectancy of equipment and efficiency of your processes.

APS will design and develop preventive maintenance procedures that meet the needs of your industry and your maintenance personnel. Our PMs are clearly written and illustrated to ensure accuracy and consistency of PM task performance. APS can also assist with the development of an overall facility PM program and implementation schedule.

APS develops cost-effective preventive maintenance programs and procedures that:

  • Prolong equipment life

  • Increase system and equipment reliability and availability

  • Reduce spare parts inventory requirements

  • Improve personnel and environmental safety


Click to view a sample Preventive Maintenance (PM) Procedure

Our PM clients include Anheuser-Busch InBev, Novartis, ExxonMobil, Gerber Foods, Carpenter Technology, Verenium Biofuels, ConAgra Foods, Unilever, Fougera Pharmaceuticals, Nestle Nutrition, and many others. Most of our technical personnel have over 20 years of direct, hands-on experience with the operations, maintenance and management of process and manufacturing systems and equipment. APS brings this level of experience and expertise along with creativity, imagination and responsiveness to every project.

APSí Approach to Preventive Maintenance

APS researches OEM technical literature and other documentation such as industry standards and Government regulations to identify required or appropriate PM tasks and task frequencies. Based on our research and good engineering judgment, APS develops equipment-specific PM procedures that include:

  • Specific, clearly stated action steps for the performance of each PM task

  • Photographs and/or graphics showing key inspection or lubrication points

  • Information or data to be recorded during the performance of the PM

  • Appropriate warnings or cautions relating to specific equipment

  • Acceptance criteria and action to be taken upon out of specification results

  • Special tools and equipment needed for PM performance

  • Recommended frequency of the PM

  • References to applicable PM source materials

APS has developed detailed inspection and PM procedures for the following equipment:

  • Air Handling Units

  • Chiller Units

  • Condensers

  • Natural & Forced Draft Cooling Towers

  • Fire Pumps and Protection Systems

  • Filling and Packaging Equipment

  • Raw Materials Unloading and Transfer

  • Hot Water Generators

  • Heating Units & Heat Exchangers

  • Process Pumps & Compressors

  • Lighting Systems & Control

  • Auxiliary Power Generators

  • Mills

  • Conveying Systems

  • Bulk Dry Material Handling Systems

  • UPS Backup Batteries & Chargers

  • Food & Pharmaceutical Mixers

  • Palletizers & Stretch Wrappers

  • Conveyor Systems

  • Parking Garage Ventilation Systems

  • Communication & Security Systems

  • Hydronic Heating Systems


  • Fans & Blowers

  • HVAC Compressors

  • Cooling Packaged Units

  • Ammonia Cooling Systems

  • Process Mixing and Ingredient Handling

  • Robotic Material Handling Systems

  • Steam Boilers

  • Pasteurizing & Sterilizing Systems

  • Air Compressors & Air Dryers

  • Plumbing Equipment

  • Electrical Control Systems

  • Solar Heating Systems

  • Mixers & Agitators

  • Sanitation Systems & Equipment

  • Packers & Bundlers

  • Electrical Distribution Equipment

  • Food Production Kettles

  • Automatic Guided Vehicles

  • Accumulators

  • Sanitation Systems & Equipment

  • Fire Extinguishers & Safety Equipment

  • Automatic Garage Door/Grille Operators


Please contact Greg Pancerev at 610-987-4050 or email info@aps-online.net for more information about APSí Preventive Maintenance Services or to review some of APS' sample PM documentation.


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